Clean Energy Consulting


Bringing community-driven clean energy projects to reality is a complex journey

3EYOND Consulting supports community and business leaders to achieve a clean energy future

True value creation is achieved when projects are:

  • Owned by the community
  • A new source of revenue and jobs
  • In alignment with the needs and values of the community
  • Built for long-term operation

We make your vision a reality without losing sight of the constraints that can cause project overruns and delays.

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clean energy consulting

Award Winning Projects

The projects we develop are successful because we reduce the risk in the entire life cycle of the project:

  • Community Energy Planning and Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Design
  • Construction & Commissioning Management
  • Operation & Maintenance Support

We reduce the length of the development period by building effective collaborations between community stakeholders, utilities, government and funding agencies, while considering the regulatory constraints, financial considerations and your unique needs.

This is how we supported the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation to achieve the first signed power purchase agreement and the first independent power producer to go online in the Yukon.

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Co-creating a future beyond fossil fuel

We support Indigenous People’s leadership in Canada’s renewable energy future

  • 3 MW of renewable energy projects in BC and Yukon
  • Implementing projects to increase renewable energy penetration on an annual basis from less than 1% to 55% and more
  • 12 years of experience developing solar, wind, hydro, biomass projects
  • Raised over $12 million in funding for First Nations communities in the past 3 years

Renewable energy projects in solar, wind, biomass and battery storage




Consulting services every step of the way

We can support you throughout the entire life cycle of your project or assist you at any stage

1. Grant Writing and Funding Application

Don’t miss out on funding opportunities. We have a high success rate obtaining funds from SREP, CanNor, REACHE, IREI, Arctic Energy Fund, and FNCEBF.

2. Community Energy Planning

A plan to guide your clean energy initiatives with achievable, high impact activities.

3. Pre-feasibility Study

Low-cost study to determine if your project idea could generate a profit.

4. Feasibility Study and Front-End Design

Refine your business case and make informed investment decisions.

5. Detailed Design, Construction and Commissioning Management

Get ready for the tendering and construction stages. Project Management services to keep your project delivery on time and within budget.

6. Operational Maintenance and Support

Ensure the long-term success of your project with maintenance programs and performance review.

7. Life cycle assessment (LCA) services

Know the environmental impact of your operation.

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